The Crucible herd

A pony play community and meetup group based out of The Crucible in DC. We gather for monthly shenanigans, usually on the second Sunday of the month!

Pony Freyja

Pony Freyja started out as a warhorse in training, but spends most of their time pulling heavy things now. An Icelandic with a lot of spirit!
They are one of the coordinators for the Crucible Herd, as well as staff for Pony Camp at Camp Crucible.
...of course, there's also MechaFreyja....

Pony Dega

Pony Dega is a medium sporty draft horse with a dedication to being a jack-of-all trades! Carting, dressage, barrel racing, cracking whips, roping: You name it! The former full-time show pony turned western ranch horse and handler-in training, she crafts custom pony tack in her downtime and is one the coordinators for the Crucible Herd.

The Crucible

Our wonderful venue and host, The Crucible is a private social club operating out of Washington, DC. More information is available here.

Use the links below to join us, see our upcoming events, or to ask for more information!